April 2018 Newsletter

Thanks to all for continuing to be paid members of our Association! This is the latest in our series of emailed newsletters.

Association Officers for 2018

There are no changes in officers this year from last year. Our 2018 officers are:

Bob Stover, President; Jeff Porter, Vice President; Chuck Greene, Treasurer;

Marci Schultz, Secretary

Suzanne Ligon remains Chairperson of our Architectural Review Board.

Arcadia City Council Election

As of the writing of this newsletter, the election for two seats on Arcadia’s City Council had not been certified. Tom Beck and Bob Harbicht in District 2 and Joyce Platt, Jolly Wu and Roger Chandler in District 5 were candidates. The initial voter count shows Tom Beck and Roger Chandler winning their respective Districts. Sho Tay in District 3 was unopposed and thus appointed for another four year term by the city council. In 2020 Peter Amundson, District 4, and April Velato, District 1 (the Highlands), will be up for reelection if they choose to run.

HOA Picnic

Last year’s picnic was a big success. About 200 guests attended. Our next picnic is Sunday, May 6th, again at Wilderness Park, from 4-7 PM. Music, good food and games for the kids are planned. Invitations were emailed to you on April 4. The cost is $20 for adults and $12 for children twelve and under. Please RSVP by April 28th and send your check, payable to AHHOA, to AHHOA, P.O. Box 660533, Arcadia, 91066. RSVP’s are important so we know how much food to order.

New Website Coming Soon

We’ve retained Gina Horn Designs to redesign and manage our website. Mrs. Horn has helped us for many years in designing our printed newsletter. To give us more flexibility at lower costs, we are using a new website hosting service. The address will remain the same:  

New Email Address

Our new email address is [email protected].

Annual Printed Newsletter

Our next annual printed newsletter will be mailed in late September. It will have lots of good information regarding our city and our neighborhood.

Water Conservation

Although we’ve had some rain this year, we are substantially below annual averages. The City of Arcadia has emphasized that it is important to continue using water efficiently and “adopt water conservation as a way of life”. In Arcadia the highest water use is still associated with outdoor irrigation. We remain in Phase 1 Mandatory Water Conservation with watering outdoors only on Tuesdays and Saturdays until April 30 before 9 AM and after 6 PM. Effective May 1, our Summer Watering Schedule allows watering on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays with the same hours.

Arcadia Olympic Medalist

Ice skater, Mirai Nagasu, from Arcadia represented our city and our country at the 2018 Winter Olympics. Ms. Nagasu, 25, competed in the free skate portion of the figure skating team event. She became the first American woman, and only the third woman overall, to land the very difficult triple axle at an Olympics Games. She won a bronze medal in the team event as part of the U.S. team and placed 10th in the Ladies event. Our congratulations to Mirai for a job well done!


We know the issue of crime is a big concern for all of us. We take some space here to go into more detail:

The Arcadia Police Department has informed us that in our HOA area there were  126 residential burglaries in 2016 and only 31 in 2017. The police deserve much of the credit but so do our neighbors who have been vigilant about crime. We need to lower the numbers even more. 31 is still too many!

While officers have made some recent daytime residential burglary arrests, the Department has also responded to residential burglaries occurring overnight. The police call these Hot Prowl Burglaries. These crimes occur while folks are home and asleep. In one instance, a victim woke up to a light being turned on in the home and, in a different case, the suspects attempted to force entry through a rear sliding glass door. The majority of residential burglaries occur during the day. However, due to these overnight instances, the Department is deploying extra officers on the streets during nighttime hours.

One of the most important elements of crime prevention is the resident. It is very important to discourage the would-be thief by making their job as difficult, time consuming and noisy as possible.


Safety Tips For Your Protection

  • Close and lock your windows and doors. Thieves look for an easy target.

  • Lock your garage door. Thefts from garages are common and it offers ready access to your tools and, in some cases, your home.

  • Keep bushes and shrubs trimmed so that windows and doors are visible.

  • When away, make your home look lived in. Don't leave newspapers, mail and door hanger materials in place. Arrange for a trusted friend or neighbor to collect these items for you.

  • Know your neighbors! Be familiar with cars, faces and who belongs in your neighborhood.

  • Keep different lights on when you leave. Use timers when gone overnight.

  • Use a radio with a talk show station tuned in when you are gone.

  • Use window stops/pins to prevent windows and sliding doors from being opened.

  • Maintain lists of account numbers, valuable items’ serial numbers and important phone numbers. Copy the list and keep it elsewhere. Save videos and photos of your belongings. These help in property recovery and insurance replacement.
  • Have an alarm system with a loud outside horn. On the Arcadia police blotter, we’ve read about more break-ins from the back of the house, especially breaking rear windows and sliding door glass panels. Even if you have an alarm system and your widows are armed, if the thieves don’t open them but just break the glass to enter, the alarm will not activate. Alarm companies now offer wireless devices that sense when glass is broken. These are installed on the wall or ceiling near vulnerable windows. Please contact you alarm company for more information.

  • Our police department offers free home inspections and will recommend security measures.

  • Watch for and report suspicious persons and activity. Remember: See something, say something. If something doesn’t look right, please call the Police Department at (626) 574-5123 or 911. The police want to hear from you.

Stay Safe When Buying Or Selling On The Internet

Buying and selling items on the Internet has become popular and easy to do with the abundance of mobile apps available. The Arcadia Police Department has designated an Internet Exchange Location with video surveillance in the south west corner of the Police Station parking lot. The camera feed is watched live by the police and recorded. Officers will not mediate or participate in exchanges but will respond if needed for criminal or suspicious activity. Please use this spot during the daytime for safe transactions.

Annual Dues

If you haven’t yet paid your 2018 dues, please send a check for $40, payable to AHHOA, to AHHOA, P. O. Box 660533, Arcadia, 91066.

See you at the picnic on May 6th!